Riley Lange



An accomplished photographer, innovative graphic designer, and ambitious communications professional, Riley Lange is everywhere. (Probably at Starbucks this very second, though.)

His words have been read by hundreds of thousands of Canadians. Splashed across social media and featured globally, his photos have been seen by millions. You may have read them and seen them, and perhaps even enjoyed them, without knowing.

Through gigs with national nonprofits, political parties, federal cabinet ministers, heads of state, and countless relatives, Riley Lange has quickly developed an extensive portfolio of impressive quality.

Photo above taken by Alex Tétreault.

Others featuring Riley Lange are courtesy of Adam Scotti.

All other photos are courtesy of Riley Lange.

Thanks, Riley, for all your great work!
— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
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Accomplished photographer, innovative graphic designer, ambitious communications professional, social media extraordinaire.

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